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Not every car enthusiast collects car magazines, but I've been doing just that since before I got my learner's permit.  I was fascinated with the cars of the 1960's & 70's, having grown up during those decades; regrettably though, I was just a bit too young to fully appreciate these marvelous machines.  So, I haunted garage sales, yard sales and flea markets, spending my allowance on boxes of magazines from a bygone era.

Now, for the first time, I'm sharing a portion of what I've collected over the years with the world.  Why?  Well, first and foremost, I think these might be of interest to my visitors.  Secondly, I've come to realize that print media tends to become increasingly fragile as time marches on.  I had never even considered this before.  It has become obvious that if I want to re-read these in my "golden years" (assuming I survive that long) I'd better do something before all these resources crumble into dust.

When these magazines were printed, they were never intended to last 30 years or so.  Secondly (and more importantly), I think some enthusiasts might be interested in how their favorite marques were judged against the competition, by the journalists of the day. In an effort to archive my collection, I've undertaken the massive task of scanning, consolidating and retouching most (eventually all) of my magazine collection.  Between oily thumbprints, ink bleeding and ancient mailing labels, through torn and missing pages, this process (as imperfect as it no doubt is) is painstaking.  To that end I am somewhat limited in the quality of documents I can upload to this site.  The full size documents included herein are only a fraction of their full size archival versions.

Bandwidth is expensive, so I can only share documents large enough to be legible not full the full size ones I am archiving.  Even with these limitations, I hope visitors won't be too disappointed by the quality of my documents.

What you'll find here are some of the inspirations for my Monte SS rebuild.  Some are truly technical articles while others were feature cars that I really dug for one reason or another.

This was an article I was going to put to use right after I got my SS out of the body shop following the wreck involving the deer.  Since the engine I've ordered comes with no carb. (no exhaust manifolds either), my options are open at this point.

Originally I was leaning towards a new Holley or Edelbrock, but now I'm kind of leaning back towards keeping the original carb in place.  Why?  Well for starters, I've got it, nothing to buy and from everything I've read a properly prepped Quadrajet is no slouch.  And then there's the "sleeper effect" of having a stock (relatively speaking) looking intake.

The other advantage of using the existing carb is all the bracketry for the transmission tvs cable, vaccuum lines etc., will all hopefully line up with minimum hassle.  At least a lot better than getting adapters and universal brackets for the aftermarket carburetor.  Since I want to keep the cruise control there's that mess of linkages and connections to take into consideration.  But at this point I have time to decide how to dope that out at some point in the future.

   Quadrajet Carburetor


Back when I was still tied to keeping the 305, I'd considered bolting on a set of these.  Of course that was back in New Jersey where there were inspections you had to pass, safety and emissions.

I'm really on the fence when it comes to using headers.  From what I've read and heard there's a real heat issue to be dealt with.  Then there's the issue of the bolts constantly working loose and the various methods of alieviating that issue.

What follows is an article detailing the various methods of sealing (and keeping sealed) headers.  This is what has me in a conundrum.  When a whole cottage industry is formed to solve a problem, the problem must really be significant.

   Balance Tubes

   GM's ZZ-4 350

What follows is a series of articles detailing the build up of a Monte Carlo SS.  This was published by Hot Rod magazine back in the late 90's.  I was so taken with their concept that I ordered back issues by mail, back in the day.  Gee, it only took me a little over a decade to bring my own version into reality.

   Part 1

   Part 2

   Part 3

   Aerocoupe Suspension Upgrade

   Big Brakes

   Another Hot Rodded Monte

   77 Chevelle

   Monte SS Roadster?